Adopting a Greyhound as a Pet

‍Greyhounds are gentle and affectionate dogs that make wonderful pets. In recent years many more people have discovered the pleasure of living with greyhounds. They are kind, serene animals that are not at all boisterous or hyperactive like other small dogs like terriers or whippets. This article looks at why greyhounds make great pets, the different ways you can adopt a greyhound as well as their special needs as a hound-like breed. Read on to find out everything you need to know about greyhounds as pets!

Where to find a greyhound

The most obvious place to find a greyhound is at a greyhound adoption centre. There are many across the UK and they have a large pool of available dogs. The other option is to find a private owner who is looking to rehome their greyhound. An Internet search is likely to turn up many more people offering to rehome their greyhound. And of course, there are many other dog breeds you could consider, but the unique qualities of greyhounds make them stand out.

How to adopt a greyhound

Adopting a greyhound is a special and unique experience. As well as being a wonderful thing to do for a special dog in need, you can rest assured that you are receiving a very special and unique pet from your adoption centre. Greyhounds are a very special dog breed and a very different experience from other breeds. Almost all greyhounds are house-trained, and many are even crate-trained. Greyhounds are gentle and quiet dogs, that are not at all prone to being hyperactive or running around like some other breeds. They are also very gentle and affectionate, making them excellent pets for all ages. Another great thing about greyhound adoption is that there are very few health issues, so you are likely to have a healthy dog for many years. And as they are easy-going and calm dogs, they are likely to be fine around children too.

What is unique about living with a greyhound?

Greyhounds are unique dogs, and there are many things that are different about house-training, exercising and caring for them. If you have never lived with a greyhound before, there are a few very important things to know.

- House-training: Greyhounds are house-trained animals, but they are also very different from other breeds in how they are house-trained. Because of their low energy, and gentle nature, greyhounds don't get excited about much, not even going for a walk or being let out for a pee. Because of this, there are two ways to house-train a greyhound:

- Crate-training: All greyhounds should be crate-trained. This is to ensure their safety around the home, as well as making life easier for you too. If you have a young greyhound, they need to be crated as well as house-trained.

- Walking: Greyhounds have low energy, so they don't need hours of exercise. In fact, too much exercise is likely to be bad for them. A nice long walk a couple of times a week is plenty to keep your greyhound fit and healthy.

Care and maintenance of your Greyhound

Greyhounds are very low-maintenance dogs in terms of care and upkeep. Regular brushing is the most important thing you can do for your greyhound. This keeps their coat clean and healthy, as well as reducing shedding. Heavy shedding is not a problem with greyhounds, but they do tend to shed less during the hot summer months when other breeds are likely to shed more. Regular nail clipping is also a good idea, as well as checking your greyhound's teeth once a year for any potential problems. If your greyhound is outdoors regularly, they will need some flea prevention as well as regular vaccinations.

How To Care For A Greyhound

Train your Greyhound

As mentioned, greyhounds are low-energy dogs, so training them is not likely to be too difficult. They are also likely to respond well to clicker training, as they are very focused animals. The main thing to remember when training your greyhound is that they are very sensitive, so you should never use harsh or violent training methods. If you have never trained a dog before, there are many online resources and books that can help you get started. Training is not just for the greyhound's benefit; it's also for yours. It can help you better understand your dog, as well as strengthen your relationship.

Final words

If you are a dog lover who is considering getting a dog, a greyhound may be a great choice for you. They are gentle and quiet dogs that are perfectly suited to life as a pet. When adopting a greyhound, you are also giving a dog a home that they may otherwise not have had. And with the low maintenance and special qualities of the greyhound, you will be sure to enjoy a long and happy relationship with your new best friend. If you are thinking of getting a greyhound, you should prepare yourself for a long waiting period, as they are often in high demand. Once you have a greyhound in your life, though, you will have a loving companion for many years to come.