The Pea Puffer as an Aquatic Pet

‍Even though these little guys are small, their personalities are big! Pea puffers are fun-loving and interactive fish. They explore their surroundings and love to interact with their owners. The pea puffer is the perfect pet for a family or someone living in an apartment. These little guys need only a small space that stays between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to being easy to care for, pea puffers are also inexpensive pets. Pea puffers need very good water quality and lots of places to hide from view. Their tank should be decorated using cave-like structures made out of artificial plants or natural pieces of driftwood or rock. Aquariums with a tight lid are ideal because they prevent them from jumping out and reduce the risk of them getting caught in an air pump filter. Let’s take a look at common questions about keeping pea puffers as an indoor pet.

Can Pea Puffers Be Kept in Tanks?

Yes! The pea puffer is a member of the tropical fish family known as Tetraodontidae. This means it is happiest at water temperatures around 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Pea puffers are also freshwater fish and require a freshwater aquarium with water that is neutral to slightly basic. Individual pea puffers are very small, so they can be kept in a small aquarium with other small fish. A 10-gallon tank would be a good home for 3 pea puffers, while a 5-gallon tank would be a nice home for 2. Pea puffers need a lot of hiding places, so the tank should be decorated with artificial plants and rocks.

The Tank Setup for Pea Puffers

If you plan on keeping pea puffers in a small aquarium, you will need to add a couple of extra decorations to provide hiding spots for the fish and also help keep the tank clean. Pea puffers are very messy fish, so using plants with a lot of surface area to promote good water filtering is a good idea. If you want to house pea puffers with other fish, make sure to add decorations that will provide hiding spots for all of the fish. Adding a couple of types of rocks to the bottom of the tank can also help keep the tank clean.

Diet and Nutrition for Pea Puffers

Pea puffers are omnivorous fish that love to eat! They usually eat a diet of brine shrimp, insects, mussels, bloodworms, and peas. Keeping a pea puffer as a pet can be a great way to help reduce the population of mosquitoes around your home. Mosquitoes are a pea puffer’s favorite food, so keeping a few of these fish in your yard can be an effective way to reduce the mosquito population.

Also, pea puffers are messy fish, so be prepared to clean the filter in your aquarium more frequently than you may be used to. You may also want to consider feeding the pea puffers outside your aquarium to reduce the mess inside the tank. Pea puffers are also likely to jump out of the aquarium trying to reach for the food you’ve dropped into the tank.

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How Often to Feed Pea Puffers?

We recommend feeding pea puffers multiple times per day. Feeding them once a day may not be enough to sustain them, and they may become picky eaters soon after being fed. Feeding them multiple times per day may also help reduce the mess they make while feeding. We also recommend feeding pea puffers a balanced diet. While they are omnivores, they don’t need a diet that has everything in it. Cramming their diet full of different types of food may lead to a lack of nutrients and cause ailments.

Care of Pea Puffers – Water Quality

The main thing to remember about caring for your pea puffer is to keep the water quality high. This means keeping the tank clean enough to remove any harmful waste that is building up in the tank. The best way to keep the water quality high is to do weekly water changes. Pea puffers produce a lot of waste, and this waste can build up in the water and cause problems, such as bacteria growth. Water changes can help remove some of the waste build-up and keep the water quality higher.


The pea puffer is a fun, interactive fish that is great for a family or someone living in an apartment. Pea puffers need very good water quality and lots of places to hide from view. We recommend keeping pea puffers in a small aquarium with other small fish, but they can also be kept in a large bowl. If you are interested in keeping pea puffers as a pet, you will need to find a pet store near you that sells them. Pea puffers are very small, so they would be great for someone who wants a very small pet.